Learning from Visigothic script: Littera Visigothica

We are delighted to present Littera Visigothica , a wonderful project on medieval manuscript sources written in Visigothic script, the first writing system used in the medieval Iberian Peninsula. It’s edited by prof. Ainoa Castro and hosts fantastic materials and updates not only on manuscripts, but also on publications, conferences, research projects,  digital editions, and workshops.

Please visit Littera Visigothica and sign up to site updates, courses and seminars.

Littera Visigothica is also on Twitter, Academia.edu, LinkedIn and Flickr.







News: Early Irish Manuscript Project, TCD


The Early Irish Manuscripts Project at Trinity College Dublin have established a blog where you can follow updates on their work to digitize and interpret 4 rarely seen early medieval illuminated Gospel Books in the TCD Library’s collection.

The blog is available here: http://www.tcd.ie/Library/early-irish-mss/

And for fun, there is also video about the project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2keUBfBGAQA&feature=youtu.be

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Conference in San Pietro in Valle, Umbria

An interesting event took place on Saturday, Feb. 6th in Ferentillo, Umbria, Italy.  The marvellous Abbey founded in the VI century by Faroaldo I, the Longobardic Duke of Spoleto, hosted a conference on the history and arts of the monument. Occasion was given by a long article by Dr. Elena Percivaldi, medievalist and writer, just published on “Medioevo”, Italy’s leading widespread magazine concerning the Middle Ages.

Many authorities and a wide audience were present. Speakers were Elena Percivaldi, Andreas Steiner (editor in chief of “Medioevo”), the mayor of Ferentillo Paolo Silveri,  Sebastiano Torlini (president of the local Archaeological Group Naharki Valnerina), Giorgio Flamini (Italia Langobardorum) and Enrico Chigioni, publisher of Capsa Ars Scriptoria, an international project (“The casket of time – The Longobards”) aiming to enhance the Longobard cultural heritage by editing facsimile manuscripts.

Early music was performed by Fortebraccio Veregrense, among Italy’s leading reenactors of the Longobardic period.


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